Ebola drug and vaccine on Obamacare

Ebola! Ebola! The scaremongering and the politics of it all. Better to be rational than being emotional. And who knows best about this? Our dearest Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator. He goofed off at the beginning, then realize the benefit of the President’s approach to this outbreak.

Obamacare or not, it is business at the end of the day. It is good for the pharmaceutical companies – most of whom are big campaign donors, he quickly concluded.

Frankly speaking, the business of containing Ebola first, then coming up with a new type of drug is good for the country otherwise drug companies might turn to their subsidiaries and research lab abroad. And that will be bad for tax payers.

Good, the President got another one up against reactionists and partisan politics. Unlike aids drug, an Ebola drug after all is going to be available on Obamacare very soon. Affordable, not exclusive.



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