#News: #American #public opinion is wrong about #ISIS

Current public opinion is wrong. We better back up the President and his stance about fighting ISIS. Fighting this war or any type of war in the future by throwing people in it doesn’t work anymore, and this is the beginning.

Reason: like the Benghazi attack scenario, ISIS has a plan they could either play out like it was in “the Korean War” or “Vietnam”. I am sure everyone will agree, we have evolve so far with tactics and how best to manage battle field play than to be sucked into this type of bloody brawling.

First, the newly formed and supposedly “well trained post Saddam” Iraqi Army didn’t make it easy by leaving all their weapons behind – so they could run faster when ISIS approached.


Result: ISIS captured a lot of weapons, full US military type battle gears, Kevlar jackets, helmets and manuals. Majority of which are American made. ISIS is bold because they have fought against Abrams tanks, depleted at least ten with Chinese and Russian missiles. The rest, they took over and pass down into their ranks. So they now have a set of battle ready Abrams and Russian tanks, hundreds if not thousands of Humvee, a lot of armored anti-personnel and mine trucks, thousands of M16, Shotguns, more than fifty Howitzers and other Russian and French filed guns, Stinger, Igla, Strela, Grail shoulder fired surface to air missiles, anti-tank missiles and many more. Not sure they have a Pilots yet, but they also have a couple of Black Hawk helicopters, Russian Mil and a couple of troop transport carriers.

Second, Saudi’s and Qatari’s didn’t help either. When they emptied their jails and encourage their young radicals to go and fight what they perceived as Iranian influence in Iraq and Syria, not only did they tell them not to return to the peninsula, they made available assorted types of weapons to these guys.

Third, the press here is talking about oil fields and black market trade in oil by ISIS, meanwhile they forgot to mention that ISIS have also captured (daily) another set of assorted weapons from their encounter with Syrian Army and other rebels.

These weapons were sourced out from Pakistan, Libya, China, some Balkan states like Albania, the Czech republics and Odessa/Black Sea states. These weapons are a mixture of high calibre anti-aircraft guns, shoulder fire missiles, night vision capabilities, motion sensor equipments. Be they Russian left over, or copies of either Russian or French. Most of these weapons have a 90% kill ratio.

For expertise, they brought in Chechens, who on turn brought in their experience fighting Russians in the field and in built up areas. Don’t forget, the Sunnis, the Ba’ath Party members, the disbanded Republican guard and the erstwhile Saddam Hussein’s Army members. These are also part of the ISIS, if not the main backbone. Remember, they fought Iran for ten years, and are more experienced than the new Iraqi Army. Also, most of these guys (former Saddam military personnels) were either trained in the UK, France, Russia or the U.S.

So, thanks to the Iraqi Army, the ISIS now dress like us, carry the same weapons like we do, drive the same vehicles like us, fight in the same Abram tanks like us, lined up their Howitzers like we do… So, imagine what will happen to our best and brightest, if the President goes along with the wish of GOP, McCain, Lindsey and the mad public.

This is why the president doesn’t want any boot on the ground. Let local allies do it. We’ll provide robust support from the air.

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