#Russia by dawn #Germany by noon – #UberMojo 1

I hope the good-hearted #Mitt Romney read these notes and hopefully see the reality behind his famous quote about Russia through the Maidan crisis in Ukraine.

I wish he could then ask himself if what we really need is another world war to readjust the whole world, when RENT, inflation, trade, housing, standard of living, women’s health, education and insurance could be addressed by simply re organizing our cities.

For example Putin, for the sake of public safety, insurance, cost of living for Russians and natural disaster, had all nuclear plants inside Russia moved offshore. Linked to mainland Russia by transmission and some kind of telephony, he demanded all core reactors be set up deep inside the ocean to withstand all kinds of natural disaster. So Chernobyl or Japanese type tsunami – if it ever happens in Russia on on any of it’s territories will have minimal or no impact at all.

Operational safety guaranteed, security minded China, India and North Korea are quick to follow suite. Earthquake pronged Japan dithered for a while between allies and what is best for Japan.

And since location and the risk of siting nuclear plants closer to cities and communities is a major factor in insurance, healthcare, high rent and inflation, adopting the same strategy here will save billions of American dollars.

Also Russia of today wants to trade and Putin’s territorial pivot towards India, China, North Korea and Central Asia is that Russia is not just another transit point to reach these markets, but another way to avoid the tariffs of Malacca strait and the pirate invested waterways from South East Asia to the Arabian Gulf.

Result: rapid development of provincial infrastructures all over Russia. Remember Venice of the east – the view of the bronze horseman across the land and everywhere.

So think about Putin’s Russia, suddenly transformed into a transit country, a commercial depot and a large manufacturing base. Think about green navy on Russian waterway, the emergence of Russian Native Merchant Navy. The dredging, the large investment in roads and railway network.

Think about Russian trucking at it’s happiest. And who else but Russians knew how best to build faster cargo planes and steady, reliable and heavy lifting helicopters. New technology, new machines and new weapons, all coming from the sake of public safety, insurance, cost of living and defense against disasters like Chernobyl.

That is what is unravelling now, until this crisis.

And seeing you perform in Cambridge, Mass., couple of years ago, I sincerely trust in you and I’m sure you’ll ask yourself why the hell are we spending so much protecting agrarian economies in Europe? When we could all join investors, expand the reach of our own merchant Navy, land and air transport system.

We can’t franchise uber, yes, but if deBlasio is ready to franchise New York City yellow cab to countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Then we might as well set up. Let them operate from a motherboard rather than clog the wheel of trade, democracy and budding market in the far east.

Nothing wrong with us running the system differently in these countries (like the British empire) until they are ready to shape up.

Mr. Romney, I hope you’d bridge the gap between reality and thought, just like Mr Obama is doing now with the Ukraine crisis and like George Bush did during Georgia/Ossetia war.

My best wishes should you decide to run as the next CINC.



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