#News: Future battles of the #Pakistani Army

Future engagements of the Pakistani Army might be more robust than it is as at now. It is therefore imperative to enhance Pakistani military’s doctrine in the face of recent development in the global arms market.

A young Pakistani Intel officer, a Major attached to the 11th in the Baloch province voiced out what he claimed to be bugging concerned young officers in the Pakistani Army – the recent trade and coziness between America and India.

Most are worried about the outcome of fielding similar equipments with India. And for the sake of Pakistan, they assumed America, in it’s need to curtail Russian, Chinese and European influence outside the Middle East, has lost a sense of what it means to be a midget.

To these young Pakistani officers, being a vertically challenged dwarf means being close to ground. And being close to the ground is like getting into a crowded elevator – it smells differently to a dwarf. Now imagine this as a constant experience.

The developments, he concurred are not as bad as they look, but certainly worth bickering over if you find yourself in the Pakistani situation. First is the sudden realization that certain Pakistani weapons – especially battle tanks and a few others that have long been assumed to be Russian and top grade all of a sudden turned out to be Ukrainian and not made with the very best of materials.

Second is the fact that their best ally, The US is now courting to arm the three hundred pound gorilla next door – India. What is even disappointing is they will be selling the same arms in our inventory to India.

We’ll, knowing the Baloch elements well enough, I suppose what would please them most is to see the Army enhance its offensive doctrine and readiness. Broaden its offensive probe, deploy deception and guile and make every thrust deeper into India rather than to always push.

Truth is, India Army at the moment is busy working at cohesive joint operations and committed to large battle formations whilst modernizing inventory at the same time. Now if they field equipments, say artillery guns, motorized divisions, support air crafts and helicopters like Pakistan for example.

Then Pakistan could easily adopt to fight a pre-emptive war of attrition. Tore into divisions and brigades (in advance) with commando probes on several fronts whilst deploying Pashtun para military raids on several others (wherever and when ever) Aim will be to infil., operate behind enemy lines, disrupt communications and plant misleading information.

Will even be more easier to do now because they speak the language, have the same field guns and are better experienced with American equipments than Indians, so why not push for Indian Army uniforms, take over field command posts and in the process, create commotion as to the position of enemy’s attack and intent, then use it to justify the need turn the big guns around.

Give coordinates, let troops to fire at will, then melt away or move on to the next objective before they recover. Pakistani field guns might even cover to advance miles into India in the commotion. Sustainability or not is a different thing.

Nevertheless, if these Pakistani Army officers manage to get a listen to, they will achieve something akin to Skorzeny in modern warfare terms. But in the history of their region, they will be walking the ways of Nader Shah Afshar and Ahmad Shah Durrani who was probably the first man to field a mobile artillery by stacking swivel-canons on Camels. Mind you he got as far as Lahore and probably Delhi before he stopped.

Should these Majors fail, then I could see a very angry India executing a natural division of their beloved Pakistan River into three – a greater Pashtunwali in the Peshawar north corridor. A Baloch province stretching all the way to the east of Karachi and the other by the Indus River.



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