#RobinWiliams: news update

First time I met #RobinWilliams was on the film set #Hamlet, at #SheppertonStudios. The whole #ProductionCrew -far and near him, giggled so much, it was hard to draw a line between short breaks, action time and the real #Robbie or #Bob himself.

Then you turn round the corner and there was #BillyChrystal and a couple of other characters – constantly giving out more than they ever get in return.

Theirs is a manner of habit that no therapy could ever cure. It is enough being a writer of comical texts but conjuring it on the spot and bringing it out to live at the same time leaves you – the comedian, in a world with no gap between reality, thoughts and the camera.


As for the world and your audience, they will always and forever remain the fourth, the fifth wall, the sixth… And, you always have to reach forth and beyond these walls.
Mind you this is a world with deep rooted “inner noises” that are as personal as they are silent, loud and constant.

Imagine, a careful thief stealing a church bell with ears plugged, while others bear and bore the brunt of the bungled action as it progresses – church bell ringing non-stop and haphazardly at seven past midnight. Annoyed, angry and raving mad, yet couldn’t approach the church yard or stop the careful thief from executing the clumsy action unless with pillows over their heads.

Now who looks dodgy or who’s most likely to be assumed “dodging the cameras” when cops arrive on the scene…?

See, the difference between a careful thief and a comedian in this case is that: the careful thief (as the audience) is shielded from a noise he/she couldn’t hear. The careful thief get away, only to try again and again. But concerned neighbors (like Comedians) do not. They could see and read the many characters of the careful thief everywhere they look. They could hear the many sounds of the church yard bell and like a loud inner noise, it remained in and around them.

So what do you do if the fire burns in you differently and nobody seems capable of warming up to it?

Well, a late Hollywood Comedian tried answer this question by setting himself on fire whilst walking down the boulevard in broad daylight.

Afraid of getting burnt, the entertained public took pictures, and got out of his way before fire fighters… Guess what! He still had a good looking skin afterwards. But the gap between reality, thinking and the entertained public remained a burden for him. He kept crossing over and over till he passed on.

This world is over and done with #Bob. I hope you rest and sleep well as you journey to the other. And please do not let the experience of this world make you a mute in the next.



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