#News: Should there be a war with #Putin

All these talk of sanctions and more sanctions. Gosh! I wonder why a set of governments would band together to deny humble citizens like myself from gaining access to a little bit of the very best thing to come out of Russia – Vodka and iron-lipped Nikita’s.

At first, Putin took it on the chin and like a true orthodox Christian, turn the other chin. Now he’s thinking of returning the game with a ban on whiskey, bourbon, best of British pale ale, German beers, Chicken, Turkey, Meat, Milk, Coca-Cola, McDonald and Louboutin shoes.

Guess what! Should this turn out to be more than a war of trade in goods, I suspect Putin’s Russia will divide the U.S, EU and Japan by having more than one traditional kin, Israel on its side. Or how do you explain the presence of a mobile brigade of mostly Russian Jews and a few Koryo-Saram infantry now edging towards Sochi from Astrakhan?

His game play is to fight away from Moscow. Joint attack will be initiated from the Black Sea. Every move on land will be backed by robust layers of military aircrafts in the air, missile boats, nimble corvettes with jammers plus …a few subs will provide seaborne muscle for the entire black sea – all the way to the Bosphorus.

It is simply engaging (British Navy style) without an aircraft carrier. Note: China and India have also been actively practicing this British Navy way of projecting power on the blue sea without being tied to a aircraft carrier.

Any response from the north of Ukraine and Poland will be suicidal. You get hammered by the first belt of defense from outside the Ukrainian border.

Forget about supercavitational bla, bla, bla. Russia has adapted a far advanced means to propel it’s missile boats and submarine. More like what you have in the space rockets.

I’d love to see the total deployment of Ratnik – cloned Russian Android soldiers launched from drones and mini-drones. But I guess Mr. Putin would rather keep those to himself for now.

Please note: Ratnik’s cloned Russian Android soldiers have one weakness. They don’t smell, don’t sweat, don’t need to eat, are never tired of fighting, need no maintenance, but inherited full emotional intelligence from their human clones.

So if you speak Russian, can hack to motherboard without revealing yourself, and familiar with Low Monty’s wireless theory, imagery, material teleportation (in the areas of chemical electronics and biological engineering) merge it or cross-breed your knowledge with Alan Turin’s favorite game. And you probably might have traction.

Problem, Einstein becomes a literary historian and a dismounted old Tunguska performs a lot better than the Israeli Iron dome.




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