Enforcing a #term limit on the #Congress


One thing most people don’t know is that as a voter, they have the right to enforce a term limit on the Congress. And how to enforce this right as a voter is simple.

Think about those change(s) the President promised and how the Congress kept stalling him. Think about the #government shutdown and it’s effect on #jobs, #military, #mortgage, #salaries, #revenues and the <economy, then go out and use your vote this #midterm to bring about a change we all wanted.

A #Congressional seat is not for life…msg. #McCain, #Lindsey, #Rangel, #Pelosi and others like them in the Congress.

No government is perfect, yes, but that does not mean we should put up with self serving politicians for ever. We need new blood, new faces and forward looking mindset in all #Congressional districts. Your #vote is your power. Go out and use it.

We might not be marrying our Androids yet but:
We seriously need a new set of minds to make laws that reflect our society of today.
We need to set in place a system that recognize the danger we pose to nature and the environment.
We need laws to bring politics up to par with new trends – recognize global economic shift, IP and technological advancement.
We need laws to readdress our educational system, readjust student loans, create more engineers rather than machinists.
We need laws to address manufacturing tax, job creation at home and white paper banking practices.
If we cannot overhaul or organize our health care system then the least we could do for vulnerable retirees is set up an optional (government) buy back property law.

It is imperative to address firearms issue and immigration laws like grown ups.

There are many more….

Meanwhile, I have chipped in $300 bucks to personally notify 1000 people today and will do so everyday till this mid term Election is over. Please do not hesitate to donate to support this campaign if you believe these are valid points.

…but for the sake of good governance, join me and let's vote the incumbents out of their Congressional seats this mid term election.




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