Thanks to those #travel #companies who have not been afraid of reaching out to a network of students worldwide. College live is fun and exciting and so long as you link up with GutMojo, we will always be happy to provide the link and the access.

Thanks to #Apple and #Google. You gave #GutMojo the means to be – apps #GutMojo #iGiggled #MargritVogt (SmartSODA) and made the month of April encouraging to a lot of young people and their teachers worldwide.

This is just the beginning. We need more. That’s why we are using this medium to reach out to people in all kinds of field, small businesses, small venue operators, retailers, fashion designers etc. we need you all at #GutMojo the app and GutMojo.com

List your events with #GutMojo and we’ll give you the world.

Our #GutMojo is a mobile browser and a directory with a difference. Browse our page from inside the app on a tablet and you’re engaged with three views – Google, Twitter, Facebook. You can post, email, tweet, msg or continue browsing all platforms at the same time.

See screenshots from #GutMojo the mobile app below.





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