deBlasio: wise way to address AIPAC

deBlasio: wise way to address the AIPAC (un-edited)

If the mayor had not address the lobby group the way he did, then only option left to him will be to behave like Paul the Apostle, Silvanus and Timothy in their second letter to the organized Christian community in Thessalonica. Which in this case would have been to react, wield a stick and end up looking tactless, self serving, out of touch and as unwavering as the AIPAC leadership itself.

The thing is, this particular group of old European Jewry has recently being besieged with a bag of failures, and folks all over the world are fed up with them. Worse, their action is pushing the state of Israel into a pariah state and will probably soon be an isolated – if NATO finalized it’s plan to deploy into West Bank and other Palestinian Territories. Yet they won’t give up, go away or get new blood into their stream, sit back and re-craft their ways.

First, think of their (AIPAC) involvement in Iraq war, then Afghan war and how many of the countries who joined in the war howled and wailed out of Babylon and Afghanistan. Yet this same group refused to acknowledge a fast changing worldview and single handedly decided to press ahead with similar agenda on Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Egypt.

Then came tea party and what did this group do? Jumped on tea party’s band wagon and offered a very warm embrace to a set of loonies whose only aim is to destabilize America’s only home government. What they (AIPAC) forgot is that less than three hundred years ago, this group and their tea party allies would have long been fitted for a noose, so we could all move on.

Personally, I think time is up for AIPAC to pack up and get off the stage before they do more harm to honestly upright Jews and friends of Israel worldwide.

I know a couple if AIPAC members who skipped town on Election Day – so they could have a reason not to vote for deBlasio. And guess what! Most of them did the same for the last Presidential election.

Remember Paul reactively wrote to the Christian group in Thessalonica, ‘if a man will not work, he shall not eat”. In this case, we might as well argue, if a man or a group did not vote or offer support for the deBlasio, then they should not circumvent voters by putting him on the spot so they could either pin him to a socialist camp and have him labelled an anti-Semite.

But if they insist, then they should remember, Lenin after all, quoted Paul the Apostle as the basis for his understanding of the socialist state’s article twelve of the 1936 Soviet Constitution. And so far so good, Mayor deBlasio is walking the way of the current President. He is “for everyone” and he has just confirmed it.



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