Farm bill

New Yorkers, if you care about obesity, sugary drinks or the type of foods that get onto your dinning table then you’ve got to support me with this.

Farm bill will be coming up in a couple of days now, and big conglomerates are not sitting idle. They want a big chunk of the bill. For example, in last and second back room negotiations, lobbyists from Big Ag have managed to convince key legislators – namely, Ag Committee Chairs Frank Lucas and Debbie Stabenow to strip out improvements from the farm bill. This is against the demand of more than 300,000 Americans and 1,000 small farmers.

Should we allow them to have it their way, then a bill that affects what every New Yorker eats will go from bad to worse. If it passes and get signed into law, a big chunk of tax payers money will go towards subsidizing junk food. Billions of our tax dollars will pay for junk food ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup.

As much as this is not fair to real farmers who need subsidies to grow nutritious food for our diner tables, it is also not fair to the health of the New Yorkers in general.

We’ve seen the effects of sugary drinks. Now is our last chance to do all we can to block the bill at the final Senate vote in the next few days.

Personally, I have pitched in $40 to make this last stand, but with more DONATIONS coming from you then we could try block this bill and:
—- Publicize New Yorkers opposition to this subsidy through a media storm of editorials, op-eds, blog posts, and letters to several editors.
—- Flood the Capitol with every staff person available, make the case to as many Senators as possible, and let them know why they need to oppose this bill.
—- Coordinate closely with other like-minded organizations to make the most of our collective efforts.
—- Get as many members of the public as possible to contact Congress on behalf of all New Yorkers and call for an end to these subsidies.

Waiting to hear from you.


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