George Washington remarked…

Un-edited and posted as written on a mobile piece of equipment.

George Washington remarked that “people could never see what they did not feel.”

This statement I see as a maxim, with a lot of weight, and I think, merit. Merit because feeling what you see is another way of being accountable for a choice, a preference, and a decision to take the side of something that either appeal to you or is deemed fashionable.

Now, let’s flip the statement around because the demands of our time is different now and let’s take the tax collector as a good example of a government arm that make men, women and children of our suffrage age feel the effects of the policies they approve. Including the type of government or types of people they elect into office.

Let us assume that the sport of governing is not about what is clearly right or what is clearly wrong, but about what appeared to be right from different points of view – income tax, death tax, direct taxation, single tax, transfer tax, franchise tax, property tax, city tax, state tax, federal tax, etc.

Then we’ll see that it is not only those who get taxed directly or indirectly or those who pay income tax that feel the effects of national policies more than anyone else, but those killed and maimed in the line of their everyday activities as well. These are mostly middle class and those working their way up the ladder in the society – being hit twice or even thrice in their daily strides through death tax, gift tax, graduated tax, special assessment tax, capital levy, indirect tax and all.

So if you bind a set of unemployed people together with men of spirits – people who have never known the effect of these direct taxations, indirect taxations or income tax – because they have always been exempt or deemed unemployable, then how do you expect them to establish a connection between their votes and the consequences of their actions? Worse still, put them in a position of power as leaders of their communities.

The last paragraph is a true picture of what has been happening for years in Harlem, Jamaica, East New York, Flatbush, Crown Heights, Bronx, Brooklyn and other poor districts all over the city.

Democrats and the City’s Board of Election favors this old and tested means. And the media is having a blast at this political drama. Republicans are out of ideas and are following suit. C’mon Joe Lhota doesn’t need Harlem church leaders. He need the people. He should find a way of addressing them – jeans, over sized tank top, Yankee jacket, a set of knuckle rings, a big JL neck chain, LA trainers and a Jets cap worn backward. Gold teeth feelings or not, they’ll warm up to him. Take him to heart for his efforts than they do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Meanwhile a professional claim is denying voters a better option at the ballot – making your dearest SMITHIE a write-in candidate for Mayor.

So, go write my name “SMITHIE” on the ballot, not de Blasio.



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