Smithie: about Bill de Blasio

30th of August, 2013
Manhattan, New York City.

About Bill de Blasio
(First out of thirty critical ways of seeing Bill de Blasio)

Bill is a good guy, but he won’t change anything. He is what I call a status quo politician. He’s been part of the process for so long, he like things the way they are, and rather than push for the change we so much need to move the city forward, he’d rather prefer to keep on voting lockstep with democratic national party agenda.

That’s why Smithie for Mayor is the best choice for the city.

The New York city of today has more talent crawling all over the place than was ever required to save Sodom and Gomorrah. And guess what! You don’t need churches to meet them, neither do you need a congregation to get your word through. All you need do is go to any of the pee houses in the city and you’ll be seen saving souls.

Otherwise, this time next year, our lease(s) will go up. City and state taxes will still be a usual thing and the measure of being a man in New York – as we all know, will still be based on the number of arbotions paid for rather than parking tickets.

My name is Laurel-Smith, an artist, a veteran and I am on the ballot for general election. If elected Mayor, I plan to bring the wisdom of Solomon and the counsel of Socrates to city hall. I plan to introduce what is now known as “the Chinese parliament” a new management style that is about ruling democratically from the middle rather than lead from the head – since it’s so easy to snap off the head.

Bill de Blasio, I remember once expressed a wish to have all those affected by hurricane Sandy in Staten Island bought off cheaply and shipped off to go live in any of the neighboring states. … correct me if I’m wrong Mr. de Blasio, my mind is blank and I can’t remember what exactly your plan for the city really is.

But I think those affected are mostly city employees, firefighters, police officers and sanitation workers. They lost their homes to a freak accident of nature. Their kids don’t have a permanent place to stay, eat properly, keep warm and do their home works. And the recent city school report is a good example of how well they performed at their exams.

And for those that are Jewish, well, do we want them wandering again? Personally, i’d say no.

As to whether I could say the same about you and your backer – the other Bill, who smoked pot but never inhaled… I’d say wait to see my next set of publications on Bill, Bill, Bill.
Abiodun (Abbey) Laurel-Smith (Smithie for Mayor 2013)



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