Smithie: if elected Mayor

As Mayor, city of New York

If elected Mayor this November, at the top of my commitment will be providing more funding for the arts and making sure culture flourish in the city of New York again.

I would address issues of affordable housing for artists and possibly put every artist on a salary of $50,000.00 a year, in exchange for time and services to the public. That way, we get to keep our city artists, classically trained musicians, conductors, composers, dancers and theater performers rather than loose them to other cities all over the world.

Private donations in exchange for tax credit or tax exemption will be an option to private individuals and organizations that are interested in joining me in funding the arts.

A little bit out of expenditure outlined for security and homeland defense for the city – in exchange for service and participation by artists won’t hurt.

I will also look into lottery revenue as a way to increase funding for the arts.



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