Smithie: Hunter College, Multicultural 50+ THE MEGILLAH (un-edited)

The Megillah as it is

Now, let’s revisit the whole Megillah again, tell it as it is, see it for what it was, then tell me why I shouldn’t don a sack cloth soaked in ashes for my next debate.

The encounter: Hunter College, New York City. It was 9.35am at the entrance of the college Auditorium. Turned up early for a Mayoral debate as a candidate. The audience: as informed, Multicultural 50+ or another name for the weak, the sick, elderly and almost senile.

Perfect, I have a plan for them as a Mayoral candidate. The topic, Multiculturalism. Cool, since Multiculturalism is supposed be about a society that is at ease with other cultures. It is supposed to be about a society that encourages and allow others to express themselves in which ever way they see fit.
Fine. So I showed up to debate as a Mayoral candidate, only to be denied entry, talk less participation. Undemocratic, yes, but I calmly waited for a while.

The twist as I was to discover is: that in this day and age, old political class of democrats/republicans in the city of New York are still using POLITRICKS to exert an (ethnic) penalty on our hosts – most of whom are three/four/five generation Americans. Poor, yes. Mostly men, women of voting age and most are 18year olds and still can’t read or write properly.

Now, why was I was denied entry?

Is it because I champion issues that dealt with reality of being a woman, working, studying and raising a family at the same time? Or because I champion a more progressive issues that helps gays and lesbian families, I have become a threat to Christine Quinn on issues she would rather ignore and not face up to.

Could it because that I have been rattling Bill Thompson’s cage, home base and comfort zone for being indifference (for years now) on issues that affect young voters, jailed 18year old blacks, white, Latinos. Let’s face it, we are talking eight generation American males, who can’t read, write, talk less of graduating high school since college is too far fetched for them.

And I guess if Eric Salgado and Adolfo Carrion can’t use the pulpit to talk of “double jeopardy, then I should never expect the revival of 1807 slavery act coming from Bill Thompson either. Bill Thompson’s family is set, so he’s above it all.

Or could it be since and I am for making our subways more accessible to the old and the differently abled fellows, I am showing off Joe Lhota, so I should be shut out and denied access to a Mayoral debate I am supposed to be part of.

Worse, they use a woman of color to do it. She was happy to throw my Independent voice out as Bill Thompson walked by – distant, unruffled and totally cut off. “Hi Bill,” he ignored me as usual and walked on. Fine. No more affable. I have the whole of Harlem and all of Morningside on my side already.

See given the chance, these old debaters, their 50+ and the democrats would like to have it all. I mean take their set of false teeth, false wig and walking sticks all subsidized by tax payers to the grave. Good, let them take it we (young voters) can afford it. Nobody wants that kind of inheritance anyway, so off with your baggage.

But if you try to drown our voices as you go, then, on behalf of low income families, Women Voters, Young Voters, community of hard working Mexicans and other communities in the city, then I pray you all die quickly. I pray you all choke on your false teeth. And that walking aid you all steady yourself on, I pray would soon end up on a piece of banana skin. Guess what! I’d be most happy to watch you slip, smash your head on the sidewalk. And God knows, I would laugh so much to see that false wig slip off your head.


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