A statement, a voter’s guide

As an independent, first major task will be to build coalitions for my policies, develop strategies for trust and partnerships between city hall, it’s agencies, businesses, industries and the people in all the five boroughs (men, women, families) of New York City. The issue of offenders (those who have served their time) double jeopardy and the fifth amendment will be given a serious consideration.

Reason is: the glory of New York City lies not only in the five boroughs, but in the diversity they bring forth – I mean the abundant human resources and how we use or deploy them for the greater good of all is what has always set us apart. This key element ( hr) has enhanced our ability to provide stable support for sustaining existing business and industries. Now, time to deploy it as a force for attracting new businesses in the research and manufacturing industries, provide new services in the urban sector and develop from within and outside.

We are in a digital age, and we are loosing our historical edge as the one city out of all cities. As an independent and an outsider to City hall, it imperative for me and my administration to stand up to the demands and the expectations of our time. Find new ways of doing business. Work smart to do more with less. Be efficient in my quest for generating new income for the city.

As for exposure to other cultures, i find it imperative to look into our school curriculum again and maybe introduce early language studies to our kids. Apart from Spanish, I am talking of exposing them to basic Mandarin, Urdu, Hebrew and Arabic language and cultural studies.

With all these in place, I will make sure working men, women and families are adequately equipped for jobs, earn a living wage, live a decent live, raise a family and earn enough to be able to afford a house a basic healthcare insurance and a retirement plan. Teachers will be given the necessary tools for a safe, sound and secure classes and class environments. Will pass a substantial package for transport, housing, Police, parks and Fire departments. It will addresses the new, the maintenance of the old and the preservation of the historical and the conservation of the listed. I will place greater emphasis on security, focus on our agreement and support within the tri-states.

Support and investment for agriculture and agricultural related businesses has never been a direct responsibility of City hall, after all it is free market. But for the sake of obesity and other health issues, the make up of our food and the source of other natural resources coming into the city will be regularly checked and stamped certified.

I hope to develop new ways to boost revenue and not pass unfounded mandate to the city’s department or any of the five boroughs.

For more info. please email your request to: info@smithiesny.com


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