The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America

The PILGRIMS Alliance Party “La Alianza Peregrinos”

Where is our yesterday? And the way we use to be!
What happen to our past? With our glories everywhere!
All over the world, all over the world.

Our party is The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America or “La Alianza Peregrinos” FEC C00570937. And our HPAC is ReBuildUSAtoday FEC C00626481. As much as we are proud to be the “third party” option in the United States, we are proud to be the first Latino Americano coalition party in the United States, and we are also proud to say thanks to the FEC, we will feature in local, state, city and all general elections from now onwards.

Our guiding principle is: Manifest destiny or the great game, which is more home-grown American?

Well, I’d say manifest destiny and it should not stop at Oregon because a body of water – the Pacific, is in the way. No. We have the means (physical materials, resources and laws) to push and explore further from where Lewis and Clark stopped.

The great game is a European benefit, adopting it as American will get the U.S. tied up in Europe and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the what is coming from Eastern European allies are examples of what George Washington said about not fighting or picking up sticks for allies “whose interest might not be same as ours.”

As of today, I’d add “value” and “ethics” as another set of reasons to uphold George Washington’s statement. I’ll bring back the spirit of the republic (the American revolution) and not sit out in Europe or the Middle East while the gains of our own Louisiana territory keep shrinking by day.

Too bad lazy thinking, old practices (what works for Pa and Grand Pa) and old Politicians are in the way. The U.S. presidential race is turning to a race between Grand Pa’s and Grand Ma’s “gerontocracy”.

And as said, ever ask yourself why the glories of Louisiana territorial purchase kept on shrinking? Well, it is because we made Aegean sea line of thinking our own. Truth is the fire in Aegean sea thinking burns differently and no matter how hard we try, we can never warm up to it.

So, why not join the Pilgrims Alliance, and let’s turn the Pacific into an American lake or a Princess Charlotte’s lake. Asian pivot is just another step to ReBuildUSAtoday. Let us enliven the glories of Louisiana territory all over again.

Let us start off to push further from where Lewis and Clark stopped.

This is a PUBLIC MATCHED FUNDING campaign. Your donation (no matter how small) is crucial to this candidate

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