Popularly known as “Smithie” Abbey Laurel-Smith, a Radical Republican and a U.S. Presidential candidate in 2016. He was an Independent and a Working Families mayoral candidate for the city of New York in 2013, and will be again this November, 2017.

“Smithie” or Abbey Laurel-Smith is the founder of The Pilgrims Alliance Party of America (La Alianza Peregrinos)- an FEC registered and recognized third political party in the United States.

He also started a set of non-partisan “ReBuild” hybrid PACs’ – ReBuildUSAtoday, ReBuildUKtoday, ReBuildCanada and ReBuildAustralia, as a way to enable grass root demand for total infrastructure update, energize a call to embrace technology and the new age of clean and sustainable American energy.

As a self described “pruning hook” politician, Abbey never believed in raising taxes on a few notable others – when we have millions of other options to explore.

Main goal now is to set New York city straight. Reform the NYPD, build affordable housing, create jobs, set up a public healthcare plan for the all in the city, and put a freeze property tax and rent hike, and boost small businesses as a way to maintain a sustainable economy for the next fifty years.

Once featured in WSJ, the New York Times and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Abbey Laurel-Smith started life as a professional artist, and a pseudo song writer with two BBC live performance credits to his name. He is also a celebrated poet, a script writer of military action adventure stories and an avid blogger/publisher of unedited line(s) of thought.

He lives and works in New York city, and is currently busy setting up his political party (The PILGRIMS Alliance Party [La Alianza Peregrinos] and ReBuildUSAtoday) across the United States by advocating on behalf of the general public. “We must never be silent about issues that affect us all. Time is right for all to be engaged rather than leave the playing field to pressure groups or those serving partisan interests. Time is tight, but do-able if we have to restructure our homes, reinforce our fences, then adjust to face up to future challenges.”

Writing about his works, William Zimmer, a contributing critic to the New York Times, claimed they were a testimony to “a constant ability to coherently shift from feelings to facts, from poetry to painting without a sense of disruption.” Another critic, Nina Korman of Miami New Times, claimed his works were “more than a form of spring cleaning…”

Please do not hesitate to show support and tell others about SMITHIE, The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America or La Alinaza Peregrinos – the first ever Latino party in America.

This is a PUBLIC MATCHED FUNDING campaign. Your donation (no matter how small) is crucial to this candidate

“I understand that State law requires that a contribution be in my name and be from my own funds. I hereby affirm that this contribution is being made from my personal credit card account, billed to and paid by me for my personal use, and having no corporate or business affiliation; and is not being made as a loan.”

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