Food security in New York city

How to curtail food problem in New York city

Two thirds of every single adult in New York City is obese and overweight.  And over half of every child and young adult in the city are pushing the scale beyond their age.  All in all, we have a city where inhabitants are adept at cracking up sidewalks in their wake.

Obesity alone is not only driving away manpower from work and healthcare resources, it is also stressing up the city’s economic health.

With or without the help of Amazon and maybe Gristedes, I will introduce Farmer/New Yorker registration scheme. A strictly online program that will enable New Yorkers to order and buy fresh fruits and vegetables exclusively and directly from a tree in a farm, from a fisherman just off his boat, or fresh meat directly from a butcher’s abattoir at the push of a button, any day, all day, every time and all the time.  Farmer/Individual connection alone could lead to world wide side gig for many out of job New Yorkers who are not afraid of providing service.  Postal workers, delivery and parcel handling personnels would also benefit fro this arrangement.  

Nevertheless, I will tip the scale in favor of healthy eating habit, and in favor of health weight.  Now here are five things I will set in motion to make it all happen if elected Mayor, City of New York today.

  • Make it mandatory for public and private sectors in the city to set examples by implementing policies and procedures for tackling healthy weight and healthy eating habit as the surest way for putting obesity at rest. 
  • Use the power of obligation, duties and care granted to the city by it’s charter to carve out a framework for reducing sugar and fat content in manufactured food. 
  • Float the promise of a sugar tax, with revenues reinvested as one of many sugar tax initiatives for for maintaining healthy weight in our pre-college schools all over the city.
  • Pit power of the purse against power of the city by exploring how high prices versus  size and content regulation could improve diets.
  • As part of public space management, implement outdoor public actions that will help us all achieve healthy weight and maintain a healthy eating habit.      

I need your support to make all these happen as part of what I call necessary and immediate plan of actions needed to get New York City back on track after this pandemic.  

This is a PUBLIC MATCHED FUNDING campaign. Your donation (no matter how small) is crucial to this candidate

“I understand that State law requires that a contribution be in my name and be from my own funds. I hereby affirm that this contribution is being made from my personal credit card account, billed to and paid by me for my personal use, and having no corporate or business affiliation; and is not being made as a loan.”

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