Earth day week: Reducing carbon footprint in New York City

What a better time to talk about reducing carbon footprint in New York City than during the week long earth day celebrations world wide.

What a better time to talk about vehicles, lead and chemicals seeping into the ground, into waterways and into sewers — all from parks, training grounds, sidewalks and in public arenas.

What a better time to focus on reforming the NYPD by reducing the department’s carbon footprints on city’s environment, if we furnish the department with green and echo friendly equipments, bio degradable bullets, electric vehicles for the NYPD, for training at there training grounds, for patrolling the streets and for everyday use.

What a better time to focus on introducing more green bio degradable drugs to our hospitals because they are eco friendly, sustainable and good for human consumption because the decompose faster in our waterways when excreted by humans and residues are less dangerous to the human body, to animals and plants when deposited back into the environment.

Is this just me thinking reform, restructure, reorg., repurpose and refocus, rather than defund?

As Mayor, I want to talk net zero emission, not less.

This is a PUBLIC MATCHED FUNDING campaign. Your donation (no matter how small) is crucial to this candidate

“I understand that State law requires that a contribution be in my name and be from my own funds. I hereby affirm that this contribution is being made from my personal credit card account, billed to and paid by me for my personal use, and having no corporate or business affiliation; and is not being made as a loan.”

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