SmithieForPresident 2020

via SmithieForPresident 2020

Hi, this is SMITHIE,

I am a friend of COAL, a friend to farmers, and someone who cares a lot about the future of the next generation, the future of work and the type of economy will be required for the next generation to thrive and live in – without succumbing to the fear of having to give up their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now is time to join up with me and let’s ReBuildUSAtoday!

And one more thing, I am a Radical Republican, and I am challenging President Trump all the way to the ballot come this election in November, 2020. Once again, join me and let’s all say, “no to GERONTOCRACY”.

We deserve a new start.

Abracemos esta madrugada aqui.

Love the USA, SmithieGoesWest @ElCuarentaYSeis.






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