Project WeCare – blankets and warm clothing donation + volunteer Pre-k teachers for the border. 


Summer will soon be over, winter will be here.  The warm weather and all the fun of being in the sun will be replaced by cold and chilly breeze.  

For every American, putting on warm clothings, cleaning our immediate surroundings, eating good hot meals, keeping warm under a blanket, and being comfy in winter is normal.  It is part of our lives and it’s all too expected. 

But for those immigrant kids – separated from their parents and incarcerated at the border, the horror of being kept locked up and being made to live in the most inhumane condition, will not only make them angry and traumatized, like Isaac after being fastened and tied down to be sacrificed in the Bible, it will wipe the natural gift of a smile off their faces for the rest of their lives.

Winter is a couple of weeks away and these kids are inadequately prepped for summer talk less surviving winter in the cold desert of Arizona, New Mexico, California or Texas. 

Time is now to tell Trump that what his administration is doing at the southern border could easily lead to child sacrifice this winter.  We can’t tolerate it.  We won’t allow it to happen, and we will not stand by to watch these kids freeze to death this winter. 

That is why I, Abbey Laurel-Smith, a 2020 US presidential candidate have decided to sponsored “WeCare winter is coming” and “WeCare to ReBuildUSAtoday” to help collect blankets warm clothing, towels, crayons, pencil, paper, household and hygiene materials for the benefit of kids incarcerated at our southern border. 

I am also making a humanitarian call to Pre-K teachers all over the country, to please volunteer an hour of “a visit-to-teach” these toddlers wherever they might be held, be it at the southern border or at the local USCIC office nearest to you.   

Let’s show their world that American hospitality comes in better forms and manners.  And if this be their first ever lesson in life, love and humanity, then in God’s name, let it be by us.

 Join me for our first round of potluck, socials and donation session at: 

– Manhattan’s Riverside Park South, 59th – 72nd St Greenway, New York City. NY 10023  on 09/02/2019 from 4:00pm till 9:00pm 

– Carl Schurz Park, East 86th street & East End Av., New York City. NY 10028 on 09/08/2019 from 3:00pm till 9:00pm


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