To Democrats, an advise.

If I were to be leading the Democrats today, I have the House, and I want to win the Senate in 2020, I’ll stop bull crapping about impeachment, disdain for law and all the side snipping things about Trump.

I’ll focus on using the full force of the Constitution and the power granted to the House by it to take charge of the budget and day to day running of this entity known as the United States.

Top of my list will be to reach out to:

  • farmers by bringing an end to blanket tariff, which as far as we have seen is affecting Americans more than China.
  • call for a full tax review and look out for those departments whose allocations have either been totally shut off, sniped or reduced.
  • lend an ear to food, poultry, grain and pork producers, and many others who are wary of what is now and what might be and what might happen to their market next.
  • put an end to the bogus art of passing off cuts from healthcare, social services, parks and education as monthly U.S. government surplus and revenue.

Not sure what Pelosi and the so-called progressives are doing, but if I were to be the house leader, I willies the power granted my office to trim the sail of this nation.

I will make it efficient enough to boost this economy ten times more than now. That’s why I said, “Put me in CHARGE! And watch me ReBuildUSAtoday!


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