White House trip

An open invite: Please join me at the White House Lawn on 05/22/2019 at 11:00am, as I make a speech and a live broadcast to the nation on climate change.

You can sign up for this event at: https://SmithieForPresident.nationbuilder.com or just show up at Lafayette Square.

On the behalf of all Americans, I will be presenting a “sustainable plan” as the way of the future.

I will be telling the President that: Climate change is an actor that is daily degrading our infrastructures nationwide. It is affecting economic growth and hampering our quality of life.

Production, goods, services are ten times lower because ways to access these services are hampered dated infrastructures, ineffective regulations, excessive bureaucracy, old laws and misguided tariffs.

To improve quality of life for students, women and all Americans, we must use climate change and green technology to refocus the Presidency and the Congress.

We must repurpose our military and focus on re-energizing coal states to improve our GDP, and create a bigger but sustainable market for our farmers.

A healthy population is a productive one, if it is green, echo-friendly and made sustainable. I cannot do this by myself. I need you with me on the White House Lawn.

Please take this open invite and join up with me at Lafayette Square at 11:00am on 05/22/2019. You can sign up for this historic event at https://www.smithieforpresident.nationbuilder.com.

Thank you for wanting to ReBuildUSAtoday and for you interest in energizing the coal states.

Abbey S. Laurel-Smith “SmithieGoesWest” SmithieForPresident 2020. 


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