Donate to ReBuild New York

Donate to ReBuild New York:

Dear Donor,

Please note: I am an underdog here, but with your support, I could be a winner in a special election for the office the NYC PUBLIC ADVOCATE, coming up in February, 2019 – if you can help me reach the required threshold required for this office.

The unique thing about this “soon to be vacated” public office is that, it allows the elected winner to be the true VOICE OF THE PUBLIC without party or any partisan affiliation.

And I plan to use it to speak up about New York city’s rent laws that are due to expire in June, 2019.  The thing is, rather than see this rent law done away with, I plan to fight to renew it, then strengthen it. Doing so will protect New Yorkers’ right to affordable housing, rent control and rent stabilization – in the face of frozen wages for retirees, the disabled, teachers, the middle class and decent public housing for low income families on less than $15k/20k a year.

Homelessness and almost 50,000 disruptive homeless students is the new thing creeping in to our classrooms in New York city. They are giving teachers a huge headache, because a huge majority of Sandy hook families are still leaving in shelters. I will prioritize tackling this issue with the Mayor, the Governor, NYCHA and the HUD, because it is important to retain our teachers and creating a conducive classroom environment for them to work in, is the best way to go.

My name is Abbey Laurel-Smith. I am a friend of public education, a supporter of labor. A believer in the power of the unions to enable housing, businesses, the type of healthcare we truly deserves and an investment in the type of workforce we need for NYC.

Whatever you can afford to chip in to this campaign will make a huge difference.

Thank you for your support and kindness.


Please note: Whatever support you are able to give to my campaign will help employ young Americans and high schoolers to learn about our political process, and become involved in it by knocking on doors (nationwide) to help this campaign grow.


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