My plan to ReformNYPD – part 1

According to the constitution our Police force is a non federal organization. It has no centralized body, so it looks as if impossible to affect a change nationwide. Truth is no. It is easy to carry out a reform. And easy to affect a nationwide change – if the call to reform is activated from, say, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Miami.

Difference this time is, I will not be looking into the constitution for a passage to start this makeover, no. The tool I need is in New York city’s local ordinance. And all cities – chartered or not, have a similar tool in their given local ordinances across the United States.

Therefore, if elected Mayor, city of New York this November, 2017, I will use the power bestowed on me as the city’s chief executive to enact a statutory tool for reforming the NYPD. I will activate an “Act to reform the NYPD” fulfillment of which will be based on the need to bring the Police into the millenium – as a service, not as a force.

This statutory tool, I will use as a legislative measure rather than an executive one. Legally it is needed. And politically, it is needed – for public safety and trust in the Police.

And so long as I am not seeing using this tool to:

impose fines, cost, penalties and gains for the city on the public.
demanding any form of payment to a public authority.
grant my office a type of immunity that prevents my actions, my activities from being challenged in court.
cover up my mistakes, that of other delegates, policy enforcers and designated administrators.
This legislative tool allows the Mayor as the chief executive to by pass the assembly of all elected city officials, Borough Presidents and city wide Community Board members.

With it, I will set off:

a comprehensive reform that will bring the NYPD’s organization structure and the nature of police work into the millennium.
Create a system where training and research would be matched with current reality rather than traditional mind set of “bad guys, good guys” and what has always been expected of a Cop.
I will provide better and up to date equipments and review recruitment practices.
Provide housing credits for long service terms, and public housing opportunities for all and for short term service.
And this is just the beginning of reforms and improvements I planned to make to the NYPD.

Now, why the need to reform?

Well, Courtesy Professionalism and Respect is an NYPD ideal. It should be a trait that touches both at the end of the line, regardless of:

natural laws
or the meaning of the words by themselves.
So far so good, this self evident ideal is missing and has always been found short of the NYPD’s conduct when in contact with civilian New Yorkers.

This, thus make the reformation of the NYPD for public good, my subject of concern.

So, come November, 2017, if elected Mayor, city of New York, I will not disband the NYPD as feared, and neither will I embark on a reform process that will put city’s security in jeopardy – should I decide to go along with the wish of a few emotionally driven New Yorkers’, who have called on my candidacy to take guns away from every beat officer of the NYPD. No.

Instead of enacting a wish that could be dangerous to public safety, I’d act within the powers given to the Mayor by the city’s charter and the city’s local ordinance.

And like the English Chiltern Hundreds of old, I will use this special legislative authority to demand a set of hundred volunteers from every ten to twenty blocks in the city to volunteer for Police duty.

With fast data uplink and millennium grade equipments and well trained personnel to use them, the NYPD could then focus on police work, counter terrorism, marine patrol, and other duties expected of a police officer.

Court security, hospital security, park police, college security and correctional facility policing will all be designated to independent bodies outside of the NYPD, or other city departments.

Once the courts, the judiciary and the correction centers and our parks are made free of police presence, I will then eradicate the practice of jury duty. Let the law of the land assert itself in all boroughs and through Judges, Lawyers and other professional officials that have been trained to do so.

Police duty/work as a service rather than a force is in line with city’s “local” ordinance, the charter of the city of New York, the constitution, the oath of allegiance and the oath of supremacy as given and as observed by the Pilgrim fathers.

Also, since most New Yorkers are immigrants and descendants of Elise Island immigrants, I’d bring back:

civic study, civic responsibility and civic behavior in to the classrooms, in to our homes and in to the public arena.
introduce the true meaning of unalienable right as given by the constitution to all New Yorkers.
2nd amendment, legal gun ownership, registration, training, and the ability to defend oneself to New York city’s immigrant and non-immigrant population.
The application of grandfather clause, courtesy of non-immigrant New Yorkers (with five or more Patriot grand fathers) is enough to filibuster any opposition from the City Council and Community Board members.
All in all, this is what previous Mayors for the city of New York should have done. Our Police system is a non-federal body. It was provincially designed to serve each community as a service. Not to hold the judicial system to ransom. Not to hold the Mayor hostage, and certainly not to hold the whole city to ransom by granting themselves immunities.

Time to prevent the NYPD from becoming public enemy numero uno. Join me to save the NYPD by reforming it.


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