What motivated Trump to pick someone both competent and qualified to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor?

My answer to What motivated Trump to pick someone both competent and qualified to replace Michael Flynn as National…

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Politics and Trump being nice, testing the waters and giving people chances. Apart from that, he is totally disappointed with the crew he is being served with.

So my answer is, competent! Yes. Qualified! No. Look through their credentials, they might look as if the best for the job, but frankly speaking they are not the right type of individuals for the job.

The biggest give away is their mind. They all come across as old, not particularly unique or extra-ordinary – and all WestPoint surface combatants. The best they can ever do is to get us bogged down in Europe and the Middle East.

Listen to them, listen to their statements and check their past activities. They are afraid of tackling the unknown, the capable and the challenging – as in ASIA. And when they do talk about Asia (China) they always wanted to thread the known and the worn out ways of doing things.

If I were Trump, I’ll tailor my cabinet selection to match current security challenges. I’ll look for technically capable individuals with more openness of mind, flexibility of character, knowledge and adaptive mindset.

Meaning, I will shun the tradition of picking WestPointers, go to Annapolis and cherry pick from Navy. What we need now (which is what i campaigned for) is to start using physical and non physical forms of security through defense as a means to boost our economy for the future. Read my posts at Veterans' talkback and at http://www.smithieforpresident.com

The British turned to the Royal Navy, created a merchant and supply arms for it, as a means to increase the empire’s purse. So why not do it now, when time is right.

China is building on top of old British colonial communication points and below sea level communication stations in the Spralty’s. Mind you I wrote about this as far back as 2009, but my report was laughed at and ridiculed I had to pass it on to Charlie Sheen.

Now what i will do – to give a new meaning to Asia pivot, is to ask the Navy to build on certain acts of the sea in the Pacific set down by GW and Obama. Use it as a defensive means to raise a couple of artificial islands next to the south sea and all the way to Taiwan.

Use these reefs to defensively:

  • box in China
  • set up a block of submarine blocks or underwater passage ways in that area
  • set of a couple of maritime rules for ocean passage as a means to curb piracy in that area and as a way to protect what is dearest to both China and the United States – maritime trade.
  • rein in spoilers like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • extend the maritime borders of the United states.

I will then come home:

  • set up the same defensive system all over the west coast.
  • and get the military onto a photonic system. No more satellite. No more GPS. No more stealth. They are all too old.

I will get the boys out of Europe in a flash. Regardless of what you’ve been told. Russia of today, is less of a problem to us. If allies wanted to fight them, let them do it with their own resources.

Everybody speaks good English in Europe and all over the world, whereas Americans’ still can’t spell “Theresa” and “DuBois” talkies of adopt a fashionable way of speaking English like anyone from Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Now if Pence and the Senate dare get in my way, and wanted to keep on fighting Russia and protect the Saudis on behalf of allies, i know how best to deal with them.

Rather than roll over and be thrown under the bus like Flynn (which they will try and do to Trump and whatever Russia connection) I will use the right Articles….. to get the House of Rep to serve as grand jury for his removal. I will also use a different set of Articles to enact a nationwide recall for all Senatorial seats.

Trump need to start thinking like a coup plotter and a professional card player. He has given enough room to all these Generals from West Point. And these Generals have proofed they are committed to the same old practice.

My advise for Mr. Trump is: get rid of them all. Better option awaits at Annapolis. Then go to West Point and re-organize that military academy and prepare them for future challenges. The Queen did the same with Sandhurst.

If in doubt Mr. Trump, call up Eric Shinseki and McChyristal. Shinseki is a grand master when it comes to the Army of the Furture, Battlespace and Total Spectrum domination. As for McChyristal, he is gold when it comes to the future of command structure.

Problem is: these two Generals will always talk back. So Trump should be ready to listen to them.

Feel free to pass this on to Trump.

What motivated Trump to pick someone both competent and qualified to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor?


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