What are Elke Weiss’ views on Zionism?

My answer to What are Elke Weiss' views on Zionism?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Elke Weiss once apologized for being a Zionist on Quora. And that got me thinking:

  • That Elke might not be fully a committed idealist.
  • That Elke is most likely conflicted between Theodor Herzl and Vladimir Jabotinsky.
  • And if so, Elke should be made familiar with the words of Judah Alkalai again.

On the other hand, Elke might be a democratic Zionist – happy to go along with all – from Ben Gurion to Bibi, without ignoring the voice of those Judaist Rabbi’s who fervently oppose Zionism.

Generally, I suspect Elke, like most modern day Zionists are, is caught between finding a compromise with Israeli Judaist priests’. Since these groups of ultra religious fellows see Zionism as a utopia. And are never afraid to say that, “habitual mortals should not be going around thinking they can behave like Elohim.”

What are Elke Weiss' views on Zionism?


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