Letter to The Prince of Wales

From: SmithieForPresident

To: Your Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

Your Royal Highness,

I would like to say a big thank you to Your Royal Highness, and to every member of the Royal Family for the kindness you have shown me through your regular posts on social media.

I am truly humbled, and also very much inspired by your concerns about the environment. I am equally enthralled by your public activities, as well as your commitment to the humanity in general.

And if it may please Your Royal Highness, i’d love to inform you that, ReBuildUKtoday, ReBuildUSAtoday, ReBuildCanada and ReBuildAustralia was formed two years ago, because of my believe in your views for a sustainable commune, responsible urban regeneration and care for the environment.

ReBuildUSAtoday has since managed to field a Presidential candidate, myself, Abbey Laurel-Smith for the last U.S. general election. We got a good number of votes and made it into the electoral college as well.

As a measure of honor to the Union, I have decided to borrow the Tudor rose as the badge for the organization. This is because I see the it as the most appropriate symbol of a pure nature – united in the act of grace, faith in humanity and progress for all humanity. We will therefore continue in our efforts to uphold this believe in humanity, progress and proper care for the environment.

Your Royal Highness, thank you for allowing me to serve at the Duke of York’s, and at Hampton Court, Blenheim Palace, Kensington Palace, Waddesdon Manor and other historic places where I have been lucky enough to study – all through your grace as a member of the Church of England and as a student at the University of Buckingham and Oxford Brookes.

Yours sincerely,

Abbey S. Laurel-Smith “SmithieForPresident”

ReBuildUSAtoday, ReBuildUKtoday, ReBuildCanada, ReBuildAustralia


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