Letter to working Americans

From: SmithieForPresident

To members of: AFL-CIO, CtW, ARA, Working America, AFT, AFSCME, LCLAA, Pride at Work and other affiliated unions in the United States,

Attn: Small businesses, U.S. City Clerks, U.S. Town Managers and other U.S. City Employees across America,


Writing on behalf of the GOP, fellow Radical Republicans and active and retired American workers, I Abbey Laurel-Smith, a Radical Republican candidate, running for office as SmithieForPresident, 2016, wish to THANK YOU FOR MAKING AMERICA WORK.

I have seen and enjoyed the benefit of your GOTV (get-out-the-vote) campaign during this long and unusual campaign season, and I have now come to fully appreciate the fact that you are more committed to the duty to care – regardless of whatever adversity or challenges a young organic and constantly evolving country like America brings.

However, your good work for the American worker must not stop here. That is why I am in the race, and as SmithieForPresident, I promise to do my best to make sure your concern for the interest of American workers and their families comes first and foremost if elected.

We have two leading candidates, Hillary and Trump, both with foreign benefits and both with social and economic policies that will forever snap the banjo and the blues out of American hands – in the coal mining and farming states for always and ever.

Their type of plan(s) and borderless resolution is not what patriots like Thaddeus Stevens and Wendell Phillips envisaged when they sought rights for all Americans in the 19th, the 14th and the 15th amendments.

That is why we must not give in to Hillary and Trump at the ballot.
That is why it is important to keep a Republican House and the Senate this general election.
That is why you should ask for a voting card, and not vote through George Soros electronic voting machine (SmartMatic) this general election.
Then you can help ReBuildUSAtoday by casting your vote for SMITHIE or SmithieForPresident.

Once again, thank you for making America work, and thank you for not abandoning the interest of active and retired American workers in the home front.

Vote SMITHIE and let’s all ReBuildUSAtoday and make democracy work better than ever!


Abbey S. Laurel-Smith (SmithieForPresident)

ReBuildUSAtoday and The PILGRIMS Alliance party of America

Please feel free to pass on this message to people in your constituency, Students, Women, Veterans, family, colleagues and co-workers. And if you’d like to become more familiar with further campaign issues, our apps are now available for download in the Apple store.


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