Letter to U.S. Mayors

From: SmithieForPresident,

To: U.S. Mayors, City officials, Town hall managers, Governors, U.S. City clerks, U.S. State Legislatures, and U.S. City officials.

Dear Sir/Madam,

America of today has evolved a productive system and capital that is growing beyond what our human population capability could easily handle (please note, I did not say support) and I have none other that you (publicly elected officials) for shouldering that responsibility, and making sure the system continues it’s growth – even in the face of becoming a GERONTOCRACY.

I also want to thank you for agreeing with ReBuildUSAtoday (FEC COO626481) and SmithieForPresident (FEC COO624681) fact sheet, that, as we evolve into this technology driven 21st century, the best ways to beat competition and stay ahead of the productive cycle are:

to overhaul our immigration system. Find a way to use it to boost tax, medicaid, social security and healthcare for the growing populace.
Soldier/Veteran education in the U.S. is still at a functional literacy level. Technical literacy is rampant in our society today. We need to invest more in human resources, provide better education and access to training and where necessary re-training for current work force.
homeland security, robust and up to date public affairs assistance where needed the most (broader access to healthcare, drug abuse, transportation, proper housing) are the best ways to lift up the economy.
that we can move the economy forward, if we improve the socio-economic make up and stop wasting promising resources of our urban neighborhoods.
upgrade living conditions for the middle class, small businesses, the poor, the weak and the aged in the U.S. by finding an innovative ways to address the way we fund commerce, farming and manufacturing in our communities – without coming off badly on general welfare, the tenth and independent state/city rules.
a strong need to improve on how we treat women productive rights, equal opportunity and protect of minority rights in our localities.
I thank you all for the brief meeting arranged through the Council of State Legislatures and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. And I thank you more for allowing me an insight into the restricted amount of governing powers you all hold at your individual local levels.

Nonetheless, as a presidential candidate, i’d love to see you all move from being a caretaker to a progressive, forward looking and developmental type of elected officials – like the Founding Fathers.

Our cities are distressed, the middle class is constantly being snuffed out by laws that favors large corporations and developers more than it should. And if our walking cities are no longer places of opportunity, then i must ask again and again (like i have been doing through out this campaign season) where did we go wrong?

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, happy to see we are willing to we make amendments. And I am glad you are upholding the spirit of bi-partisanship by passing a ReBuildUSAtoday message through your local constituencies.

Please help me convert this message into votes at the next general election this November.

It is the only way to enable better voter turn out this election.
It is the only way to ensure those that aren’t willing to vote for Hillary or Trump get to have an option to vote “SMITHIE”
It is the only guaranteed way to ensure Republican Congressmen and Senators retain their seats this coming election2016.
It is also a better way to address voter backlash on Democratic seats in congress and in the senate. Some people in the Democratic base are not happy to see Bill return to the White House.
Once again, I thank you all for helping this party of Veterans’ go this far.

For more information about Smithie, please visit rebuildusa.today, The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America and “I stand with SMITHIE” – SmithieForPresident and Veterans’ talkback

Thank you for giving us this opportunity.


Abbey S. Laurel-Smith (SmithieForPresident)

ReBuildUSAtoday and The PILGRIMS Alliance party of America

Please feel free to pass on this message to people in your constituency, Students, Women, Veterans, family, colleagues and co-workers. And if you’d like to become more familiar with further campaign issues, our apps are now available for download in the Apple store.


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