Why is Hillary Clinton so against Russia and Putin?

My answer to Why is Hillary Clinton so against Russia and Putin?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Because Putin is not a roll over guy like Yeltsin. And he’s not going around with a begging bowl like Gorbachev. Like Theresa May, Putin is comes to the table with a deep state security background. He handle things like a cop, lawyer and an economist. He comes to the table with a deep sense of history and admin capability as an operative, a manager, and administrator and pragmatic overseer.

Hillary is a hard core old fashioned pro, not progressive, not liberal, and most of the time wrapped up in Thorstein Veblen’s type of sweet words – with comes with less substance. Putin is frank and empirical, because like Theresa May, he is running a country with a medieval past.

Now when it comes to free trade, globalization, human right, democracy and press freedom, Hillary Clinton’s approach is woefully blind to what it means to European countries with a medieval past, or how it rubs on old civilizations in the middle east.

For example, Hillary Clinton is bent on selling ideas of human right, globalization, democracy, law and freedom to the middle east. When documented evidence shows that places like Persia, Babylon, Levant, Mesopotamia are the main originators of these ideas and they use to have things like:

  • code of Hammurabi
  • Babylonina law
  • code of the Assura
  • cuneiform law
  • Hippocratic oath
  • code of Ur-Nammu

before their civilization got taken over and destroyed by Islam. They are having problems now because of Arabic conquest, and Wahabbi-type of Arabization is actively displacing them and has been doing so for centuries.

Putin, Theresa May and a presidential candidate like myself could see that Sunni’s and their Wahabbism is the problem and a return to San-Remo resolution – as a way to resettle these people back to their ancestral homes is the best solution to the problems in the middle east.

But Hillary won’t buy it.

Kosovo, Libya and Syria are good examples of how unsafe she’s made the EU. Now why would you wan’t her to do the same to Ukraine and other areas around Russia? That is why Putin is pushing back.

I could go on and on about what i meant by “medieval past” but i’d save that for a letter to my voters and the America poor.

Nonetheless, these are gaps that Putin, Theresa May and myself see in Hillary Clinton.

Also, Hillary is surrounded by panegyrists. Most of whom did not have a patriotic root in America and have one reason or the other to hate Russia – even when it is no longer the Soviet Union. It is these people that pushes Hillary to see Russia in a bad light.

Why is Hillary Clinton so against Russia and Putin?


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