Is GOP finally throwing in the towel on Trump?

My answer to Is GOP finally throwing in the towel on Trump?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Republicans trowing in the towel! Yes and no.

Yes, because if you know Trump on a personal level or have ever had a chance to socialize and drink it up with Trump like i did in the early 90’s – all through Mayfair and Kings road, London (with the likes of Roger Moore, Britt Ekland, Barbara Carrera and Henry Percy) then you’ll know “Trump in politics” is a half way between the gutter and the stars. And i guess Republican leaders are getting to know him now.

No, because a lot of people (ordinary Americans, republican Senators and state Governors incl.) outside the state and the city of New York idolize Trump by his brand name “Trump” and they all want him in their state. But as a candidate (SmithieForPresident2016) I find it hard to tell them what auntie Maggie (Margaret Thatcher) and Sir Edward Heath told me about a character like Trump, that he is “a loose rabbit with benefits…”

Credit to Trump though, he gave me a good advice at Roy Miles gallery, Bond street, Mayfair, West London, on Peter Sellers wife, “stay the **** away from that ******** bitch, she’s ******** trouble” Then we all went out partying with Henry Percy, his James Bond girlfriend and i think Kiki Dee before he (Trump) went off for more fromaigne in Paris.

Guess what! My punishment for the all night binge with Trump (as a young man in my early twenties) was a couple of downs with an old man named Micheal Oakshott somewhere in Acton, West London. And I hated auntie Maggie for it, then.

Too bad, no one knew what i was getting at when I said Trump is all about “boogie shoe politics” on quora. The party is divided on who is going to throw the towel, stand up to be counted and still keep the base…

Is GOP finally throwing in the towel on Trump?


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