The #ChristianVoter

From: SmithieForPresident

To: The American Christian voter

Dear Christian voter,

I appreciate your tenacity and your support all through this long campaign season. I have listened to your voices, and have come to reckon with your concern that, “we can only make this country great again by rebuilding it, not by branding it”.

Now that general election is six weeks away, I’d like to remind you to please continue standing with me “Smithie” so we could all ReBuildUSAtoday with the grace of God.

I thank you all for the support you’ve shown to our Christian/Latino coalition political party (FEC id: C00626481).

May the Lord God bless you all.

Abbey S. Laurel-Smith (SmithieForPresident)
ReBuildUSAtoday and The PILGRIMS Alliance party of America

Please feel free to pass on this message to fellow Christians you congregate with and if you’d like to become more familiar with campaign issues, our apps are now available for download in the Apple store.


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