Colin Kaepernick

Colin, for the sake of Crispus Attucks one sit down is enough, please.

An English saying goes like this: The purpose for which we speak, and the wisdom of what we say, should not be relegated to the tongue that rolls it forth or made less valued than the grammar in which we speak it. Rather than use the grammar of the tongue, Colin, you employed a miserly way to make a biddable statement and it was heard loud and clear. Good for you!

And as expected, we saw the effect of your passive action. Sad thing is everyone reacted on impulse and no one is looking at the cause of what could have made a a young man who grew up wearing (American) flag colored boxer shots, acted the way he did.

Question we should all ask ourselves is why would a young man who grew up sleeping under stars and stripe bed linens become socially discontent for less than three minutes?.

Answer is simple, and could be found in how common folks – poor whites and blacks, relate to symbols and changing times. These groups are not happy at the lack of sympathy being shown to them by our ruling elites. And as if its not enough dealing with a million local tyrants running our city halls, these two groups are more concerned with the horrors of electing a president who can’t sing a line of the national anthem and another – a globalization agent who believes strongly in her cause even if it means taking banjo and blues about of american hands.

Yes, the general welfare of state is at stake! And we are all going to fix it the American way. But for the sake of Crispus Attucks – one of the first Patriots to die for the flag, one sit down is enough. PLEASE.

Join me and let’s ReBuildUSAtoday at


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