“Our Latin thing” from ReBuildUSAtoday

We are glad to announce the presence of a Latino/Christian/Veterans’ political party on the ballot this coming general election.

The coalition party known within the LA, Miami and New York Latino communities as “La Alianza Peregrinos,” was registered with the FEC as the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America by Abbey Laurel-Smith two years ago. It is supported by ReBuildUSAtoday – a hybrid PAC.

And despite slight indifference from a community that has always voted like their fathers, mothers and uncles, at the onset, the coalition made sure the reality of a U.S. Latino Party – fielding its own candidates in this general election was never too far off the listening ears of many Latinos in all the communities.

“Well, we are here now. We are happening this year, 2016. Best thing anyone could say to the community now is, “abracemos esta madrugada: un partido político americano para los inmigrantes está aquí” unirse a La Alinaza Peregrinos”

“Finally, “our Latin thing” is here,” Abbey Laurel-Smith or simply Smithie, the Presidential candidate of America’s only third political party, said. Running and campaigning as SmithieForPresident2016 himself, he said, “it feels good to know that a party many ridiculed at as “the Latino party” or “the Americas Party of God” is here to stay. And guess what! it is on the ballot for this general election 2016. Gracias FEC. Gracias!”

Smithie as he prefers to be called, said, “we are planning the first ever nationwide online political convention this labor day weekend.” Mobile messaging and chat platforms is being provided by goyadayada and chattieme – both are featured free mobile apps in the apple store. “All you need do is download, log in and post your queries directly to candidate(s) and party officials. You can even follow to send private messages.”

Meanwhile, we are as grateful to the tech. gurus of Silicon Valley, Menlo park and Seattle, as we are, happy to help Paul Ryan secure Republican party base at local and state levels.

We are also very happy to gain the trusts of Ross Perot, Bill DeBlasio, Mitt Romney and family, as well as our voters, our supporters and those who believed in our cause all through this campaign season.

For further information about the party – The PILGRIMS Alliance, this nationwide campaign by ReBuildUSAtoday and SmithieForPresident2016, please contact Abbey Laurel-Smith directly at smithie@rebuildusa.today, smithie@pilgrimsalliance.us , smithie@smithieforpresident.com or follow at goyadayada.com to send a private message or chattieme.com to post a query.


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