What are the democratic party’s position on Outsourcing of service and manufacturing jobs?

My answer to What are the democratic party's position on Outsourcing of service and manufacturing jobs?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

The Democratic party is divided on the issue of outsourcing services and manufacturing jobs. Local party candidates and their reps. see things differently because they are directly in contact with what is going on in their localities. They are not dealing with big data, and are not afraid to speak up on their concern about local businesses.

Mind you, things like sales tax and property tax, and de-industrialization of some American communities comes with their concern(s) as well. Look at the African American communities under Bill Clinton and focus on Black males from the age of 17 -35, you’ll see BLM reaction today is partly as a result of people being denied education, economy and literature under globalization, social engineering and unrestricted access to the big house.

So, top party starts like the Clintons see things in a different light. They have always believed in globalization and social engineering. Fact is, these two things – globalization and social engineering without the “duty to care for the American” are the most destructive phenomenon to the American worker, students, young graduates (with student loan to pay) and small businesses.

Look into the records:

  • under Bill Clinton, a lot of American jobs went south, by the way of Mexico. And those that did not go to Mexico went off to India and a few other places where Child labor and child slavery are norm.
  • Sales tax was increased on the poor – to fund failed education plans and programs put forward by his wife, Hillary Clinton. Question is was she ever sacked? No. She has immunity – granted by her husband, so the messenger got punished.
  • Social security purse and a few other welfare benefits was raided and cut by the Clinton administration to improve economic data. Thus leaving a lot of poor Americans out of luck and with no jobs, talk less of job skills.

In short, globalization and outsourcing under Clinton alone led a trend that is costing the economy greatly today. Unlike China, India, Brazil, Russia and Singapore, most Americans today are far less prepared for the challenges of a millennia economy.

What are the democratic party's position on Outsourcing of service and manufacturing jobs?


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