What were Hillary Clinton’s achievements as both Senator and Secretary of State?

My answer to What were Hillary Clinton’s achievements as both Senator and Secretary of State?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Nothing spectacular. Most young voters and millennials won't remember this, but here (below this line) is a few list I manage to put together.

As Senator:

  • Mrs. Clinton basically voted along party lines. She neither sponsor, nor co- sponsor minor or major legislation passed during her two terms in the Senate. And as we have just seen in the primaries in her Senatorial district, Independent voters, Latino voters and Black voters still had their votes suppressed. My conclusion is, there is nothing exceptional in her two terms in office as Senator for the state of New York.

As Secretary of State:

  • "Re-Set" button with Russia, as we are whining to see now, means our fine boys and girls in uniform will have to face a resurgent Russia with outdated weapons – Abram tanks conceived before Reagan, but built when he was in office. Same with Bradley IFV, same with our Helicopters and other personal issues in the combined armed forces.
  • As for "Arab Spring " something that was to free poor, downtrodden, young and unemployed from the jaws of oppressive Arabic leaders ended up being hijacked by Sunni Islamic radicals, ISIS and their Sunni sponsors in Saudi Arabia. Once again, Arabs are knocking on the door steps of Spain through North Africa and Europe through Turkey. And Christians in the Middle East are being wiped out.
  • Benghazi attack: well, if she was too distraught to appear on the Sunday Moring talk shows – "face the nation" the following week after the attack, then, how can she be Commander-in-Chief?
  • why is she covering up for Howard Gutman, and shutting down investigations into why the U.S. ambassador to Belgium was routinely soliciting prostitutes – including minors in that ISIS riddled country.

Before all these, she was First Lady. And as the First Lady, she teamed up with husband – as a two term president. Once again, for the sake of millennials and young voters, here is a list of some things she did in between those two terms. If in doubt, I suggest you google the names of individuals mentioned here.

As First Lady:

  • #Bill #Clinton as president, proposed to allow #Hillary to assume authority over health care reform. This un-democratic presidential initiative, if i remember correctly, was backed by Bill's White House staff with muscle – a lot of arm twisting and political intimidation. The democratic controlled congress refused to budge. She was unable to get a vote. This theatrics alone, was not only unpopular with the Republicans, it also cost the American taxpayers almost $20 million, if an estimate is drawn today.
  • Then Bill gave her a pre-see and final authority over selecting a "FEMALE" attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood. For some reasons, both were forced to withdraw their names.
  • She then moved to pick Janet Reno. Remember Bill's description of her selection as, “my worst mistake" when gun slinging Reno ended up gassing David Koresh and his religious sect in Waco. Result: dozens of men, women and children dead.
  • Then comes recommendation for the head of the Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her choice. A little background check here and there, revealed led to Ms. Guanier’s indisputable authorship and ownership of radical views. To save face, Bill had her name withdrawn from consideration.
  • Undeterred by all this failures, bad judgements, and grumbling congress, Bill still allowed her more recommendations. This time she chose her former law associates/partners Web Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department. As it turned out, her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison. Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.
  • The there was “Travelgate.” A head butting match between her, as the First Lady and stubborn White House travel office officials. Why? #Hillary wanted to award open travel contracts to Clinton's friend, a man named Harry Thompson. And the White House Travel Office refused to comply. What did she do next? Well, she reported them to to the FBI and got them all fired – faster than Trump ever did on apprentice.
  • Forget about financial cost, job loss and destroyed reputation of the fire staffers… This episode led to thirty-six month investigation. One employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime – mixing personal and White House funds. He was acquitted by a jury in less than two hours. I think a guy named David Watkin wrote a memo on this.

I could go on and on before touching on #Hillary #Clinton as a civil servant and Bill’s wife as the First lady of the governor of Arkansas in the 90’s.

What were Hillary Clinton’s achievements as both Senator and Secretary of State?


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