Why do some people say that Bernie Sanders’ plans are not realistic even though many of his proposals are used in European countries?

My answer to Why do some people say that Bernie Sanders' plans are not realistic even though many of his proposals …

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Key to being a better political administrator is knowing when, where and how to trim your sail if you are the helm of the boat. So far Sanders, Clinton, Trump have shown they are too old to stay afloat talk less of stealing wind from competitors or sailing at full speed. They are churning out old themes and they all have yes, yes, advisors rather than employing those who will stand up to them and bring them into them up to date.

Key reality with Sanders plans is:

  • Europe developed differently. Europe got to this point because of certain things in it’s history. Those things have to be addressed in the U.S. before whatever proposals the put forward could work in the U.S. as a whole.
  • And Sanders is surrounded by a lot of people who have never lived or worked outside the United States. This means, they will have to implementor or start something that is alien to their upbringing and their culture.

Administratively speaking, implementing every single one of his programs will be a debacle (just like Obamacare) because his appointees will end up being made:

  • to execute something inherently different from the nature of the system they grow up in.
  • to set in motion something that is somewhat alien to the fabric of the nation (the federal, the state and it’s cities)
  • on top of all these, they will have to shed pragmatic view of things. Undo the American in them. For example, the duty of care or the nature of carrying out the ethics of care (administratively speaking) in the U.S. demands the
  • also, what degree of allowance have we ever given the fed. when it comes to the making of a good subject without mouthing off “overreach’?

What they have not brought to Sanders attention is:

  • you have to adjust the nature system (from it’s base up) to implement any of his programs. But doing so will affect certain benefactors (legislators) and well established industries (charitable companies and churches) that have always benefitted from supporting the poor as a big business. He is playing politics and is overlooking the fact that he will have problems with businesses, organizations, cities, states and the Congress.

Look at it this way:

  • America is made up of millions of families whose ancestors were shipped here from poor houses (prisons) in Europe. They knew somebody made money from transporting them across as goods for the Crown. But they never questioned who, because it freed them off all debts. And were all glad they could start afresh. Now, on starting their own enterprise (the state) these ancestors realized a certain part of their system could make money from incarcerating people if they a judge issues and order to pay fine, traffic violation, failure to pay child support, or show up in court. They realize, if they give tax exempt status to certain organizations to operate this way or that way, a legislator from Kentucky state as an example get paid for being (to supplement his/her meagre income) for being on their board…

Do you think the people in these “total free market” driven set up (operating outside federal intervention) will give up without making a deep structural adjustment and compromise?

Fact is without “Infrastructure Update” which is what I propose as a way to “ReBuildUSAtoday, America is not ready for all that Sanders has been talking about on all of his campaign trail.

We need actions to match reality, not words.

So far so good #BernieSanders is short in this area. He is only different from #HillaryClinton or the #Clintons’ because he is paying taxes on every fund raised, and doesn’t have an off shore fundraising foundation set up by a #FrankGuisard (sp) for the #ClintonPresidency in Canada.

Why do some people say that Bernie Sanders' plans are not realistic even though many of his proposals are used in European countries?


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