In light of Cameron saying war is likely in the event of a Brexit, is it really a serious possibility?

My answer to In light of Cameron saying war is likely in the event of a Brexit, is it really a serious possibility?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Brexit is a good weapon for establishing relevance and Cameron is simply waiting to be courted by all interested parties at a time when Merkel’s lebensraum is looking more and more like an old Uncle Franz back from his grave.

That a possible Brexit will lead to EU disintegration, chaos and war is a definite yes IMHO. It will leave two (self focused) major economic powers (France and Germany) to being probed with pitchfork by the Balkan states with Holland, Spain, Italy, Austria and Greece. The EU is made up countries that have developed differently. And any attempt to go right or left by any member state is suspect to others.

Upholding “national character” and managing “national affairs” are separate things that the EU has never really sat down to address properly. There is no unifying constitution. The UK has never had one. So, the idea of an American type of compromise and being made susceptible to a ‘new nation’ device is a no no to the UK and many other well established traditional entities in Europe.

Also a country like the UK (led by England) has never given up on the spirit of Shakespearian Philip the Bastard when it comes to dealing with continental European affairs. The EU in this case is seen and treated as an entity that demands a more than faithful representation of spirit and persona.

Therefore the sprit of Brexit – coming from the UK electorate should be seen like this:

  • The back of your hand is what you use to test for static electric shocks. Why jeopardize that when young or old, your palm defines you the most? And if you have to change your plugs every time you are in Europe, then it simply doesn't fit. So why continue to court and grease a hand that will go wrinkly with age.

Fact is the UK see the EU the same way they see the Catholic Church. And for a Kingdom that used the back of it’s palms, to proclaim a right of resistance to the Church, then flipped open it’s palms, united all Kingdoms around it – and claimed a duty of passive obedience to the state is a must for all in the Kingdom, then the EU will either have to adapt and conform to COURT REGINA’S non-Roman rules, laws, manners, trade and way of governance – cross board, for the UK to seriously consider staying in Europe.

Carrying old Europe around is not worth it.

Brexit is a very good tool for Cameron. if i were him, i’d run with it and use it to establish relevance in the world stage. And I’ll take Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden with me. Set up a new alliance with Canada and South pole access states of Australia, Easter Island and New Zealand as affiliated partners.

U.S. White House will be too happy to have the rest of old Europe, but the Congress and the Southern Continent cousins nephews of England will not.

Cameron is an old SIRE to watch out for. He could end up using Bexit to reclaim America for Regina. If not, I will.

In light of Cameron saying war is likely in the event of a Brexit, is it really a serious possibility?


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