#News: #NRA and #Gun issue

Gun issue requires good insight, level headedness, clear thinking and not tawdry politics. But if the NRA leadership choose the tawdry path – as they seem to be doing now – with Trump, then they are definitely setting up gun owners (Veterans and their members all over the country) on a troublesome path with the law.

The thing is, as a presidential candidate, I see guns and its ownership as something culturally American. And if we all agree to take necessary precautions, our right to bear firearms will never be taken away or threatened in any way.

But if we agree to go along with someone that thinks the only way to protect our kids on primary and secondary school premises, is to allow firearms (carried by teachers) inside classrooms, on school playgrounds and around school perimeter, without providing details, then we are setting ourselves up for a problem. And guess what! It will be bigger than what the Israeli’s face everyday.

These are our kids. Next generation Americans. We can protect them better by adopting, the School Defense and Access Plan. This is an all-American plan. It was developed by the US Marine Embassy Guards, in the 1930’s. And is still in use by all U.S. Embassy Schools abroad. Setting this up across the homeland is tax payers money well spent at home. It is far better than propping up a base abroad.

With this in mind, what I will have in every primary and secondary school is a SAP and a DP. A well prepared DP (defensive perimeter) with an SAP (single access point) can hold off an entire platoon of well trained professional infantry for quite a while.

Also, we cannot afford to expose teachers to the uncontrolled rage of students with bad grades at this level.

As for college campuses, it is filled with military age adults. Now these groups (U.S. Citizens only) if given three weeks training with special focus on weapon handling techniques, buddy buddy orientation, and then organized into small groups. They are certainly going to come out being capable of defending themselves before an 2RF (rapid reaction force) arrives on scene.

Now, if upon graduation anyone (U.S. Citizen) with this training decides to seek his or her fortune abroad by joining a foreign military or militia – ally country or not, he or she will automatically loose citizenship, passport and be declared a enemy of state.

This is how I plan to address school safety and gun issue across the U.S. if elected president. As for our shopping malls and other public places, I have other plans in place. Just remember we are a country with almost 26 million Veterans, and none would hesitate at the chance to defend the homeland.


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