My answer to Does Putin want Trump to be President of the USA?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

To Putin, Trump is an odd ball. Not a typical politician, so he’s open to do business with him. He (Trump) understand business and Russia of today is a budding capitalist, not the communist of old. That is how Putin sees it.

Trump is very much aware of this, and will be willing to deal with Russia differently. To Trump, it is the only way to beat the Russian monopoly enjoyed by Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, China and Japan as at now.

That is where Berlusconi, Czech republic and Russian gambling connection comes in.

As for Hillary, she’s a known quantity to Putin. She’s of the old political stock and so, predictable to the point that Putin (as i speak) is set to spoil the market for the F-22 and the F-35, if Hillary is elected. Remember he did the same to the F-111 in the Balkan war as a payback for spoiling the market for Russian the tank. The T-80, i think.

So, yes, Putin would rather have Trump than Hillary. So much for the Ukraine debacle.

Does Putin want Trump to be President of the USA?


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