#News: #Elections2016

Join me, my party, my campaign and support our call to ReBuildUSAtoday. My party “the PILGRIMS Alliance party of America” is the only progressive entity in the race as at now. Membership is open to all – republican, democrat, green, independent or whatever…

We see and regard the Constitution as the most rational platform to discuss and engage the nature of issues affecting the republic. This approach is not only impartial, it is the best way to allow domestic American policy to inform and drive the foreign, non-domestic and any ally related issues that might pull us away from tackling terrorism, securing the homeland and preparing our military for future challenges.

To prove our point(s), we have been actively campaigning about the need for three things:
* a need to embrace technology
* a need for total infrastructure update
* a need to embrace the new age of American energy
Our rallying word is “ReBuildUSAtoday” has been since 2014 and has been since inception as a federally recognized third political party in the United States.


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