#News : #SmithieForPresident – #Veterans’ talkback #47


On behalf of our candidate for president, #Abbey Laurel-Smith and #ReBuildUSAtoday, the #PILGRIMS Alliance party hereby present views and extracts from a speech made by “#SmithieForPresident” on a variety of topics, ranging from #tax, #education to #technology and #defense – especially his “swift and sure policy” for the new American military as a force and as a service.

I – #ReBuildUSAtoday

Draw a line to anywhere, two hundred miles out in the pacific and it becomes imperative to note the challenges of the future. If defined by trade, it is humongous. If outlined by defense and capabilities, it becomes overwhelming. Defined by size and resources, it is bigger, more capable, culturally richer, challenging and more adaptive than anything we’ve ever seen.

But let’s not forget, we share the same border. We are linked directly by land, nature and similar territorial traits – except one advantage – our modern precedence and young merit as a nation.

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