First set of issues to deal with as #President – #Veterans’ talkback-#45

As part of my “Infrastructure Update” campaign, I will:
* reduce the cost of healthcare insurance for women, otherwise we are all not better than Trump.

* introduce a tenure system to our higher education system. You perform, you stay employed in the system by getting your tenure-ship renewed. But if you are Ckomsky and not coming up with anything new, then, you have to vacate the seat and let someone else in. The cost of benefit for maintaining teachers, lecturers, professors and researchers alone is affecting quality and driving up cost of keeping up our education system. This cost, I will drastically reduce and put more money into our high school system, colleges and several first degree programs – if they encourage rigorous research, development and independent studies. Government and tax payers’ funding devoted to early education is going to be the norm.

* will cut off billions of aid – spend to maintain more than a million strong Turkish armed forces, same to the Egyptian and Polish armed forces. It is American tax payers money going abroad. I will rather spend it on infrastructures that will improve our logistical capabilities, supply mechanism and economic facilitators like technology.
* will boost small businesses at the expense of big corporate bodies. Not only will the government be able to boost revenue by focusing on these groups, it means creating jobs at home. It also means tax payers jobs will not be shipped overseas.

* Policing the street will be brought into the millennia.
* the military will be built and equipped differently. I will introduce a “swift and sure” (SAS) policy for dealing with Asian pivot. It will be military as a force for homeland defense and military as a service for Europe and the Middles east. No NATO for me. Please note: I have a blue print for how best to protecting Americans from EMP and nuclear attack. Ready my posts at Veterans’ talkback (
* The Pacific, I will rename “Princess Charlotte’s lake. And new laws will be enacted to cover all living organisms above and under water.
* Manifest Destiny does not stop in Oregon. I will bring back the spirit of Lewis and Clarke. To hesitate is to have Russian -American company wanting to reclaim California, Hawaii and the western part of the United States.
* Russia will be seen as a catalyst for development rather than an enemy. Cold War ended almost thirty years ago.
* will limit Chinese expansion to 15th parallel (north of the equator) before engaging them robustly.
* As for the Saudi’s, I know how to deal with them and the Middle East. Iran, Venezuala, Russia and Nigeria stepping out of OPEC and becoming free agents is not a bad idea at all. The rest will follow. See my “Middle East policy” at Veterans’ talkback (
This is what “ReBuildUSAtoday and the Pilgrims Alliance party is all about and these are some of the issues I have been campaigning about for the past two years.
Tax reform, healthcare reform, prison reform, and the duty of care for “sons and daughters of the American Revolutionary Wars”…

* will pass a law that will enable indigenous rights for Mexicans. They will no longer be called or referred to as Latinos, since they are of pre-Colombian descent and were once native to certain parts of the Union before they got displaced by Spanish colonization and wars fought by the Union. We need the work force.


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