#Boogie #shoe #politics #Trump vs #Chomsky – #Veterans’ talkback #37

I am replying to this on a campaign trail. So, please pardon me if it comes off as goofy, scattered, un-edited and somewhat rhapsodic.

Well, if you understand politics very well, you’ll see, it’s one area of study that have never been clearly defined, or say, as defined as an art, a science, a social science, etc.
This ambiguity of ID gives politics and anyone who venture into this field an unrestricted degree of flexibility to autonomously engage in this sport as he or she see, feel or sense it.

Residual Kantinism, Platonic reconstruction of reality and identity conundrum vis a vis Socrates Phaedrus – speak the truth about what is real as a way of gaining knowledge comes to mind.

As a thing in itself, politics subjected to noumenon, is devoid of clearly defined context and theoretical background. But as a thing – a phenomenon, surrounded and affected by other tenets, politics is like a movie. It’s playbook is thrifty and all retail. These are all subjected to common sense, cognitive reasoning, perception and multi-layered interpretations that are all based on the players experience or view of the world.

Therefore a traditional political player or a politician is not universally conditioned to adopt an all embracing conceptual framework… For example Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz grew up as professional congress nuggets. They are playing the game as described so far. But by doing so, they come across as a bunch of young men that has been brought up to behave like old men all their lives.

Now placed against Trump and the way he changed language, tone and temper of the debate/campaign, these guys (Rubio, Cruz and the rest) become boring and clueless. It also make a conservative of Noam Chomsky – because he is predictable and has nothing new (except his own ideas and his own will) to offer. Whereas, Trump is playing a time-conditioned essence game. Trump is engaging the “fifth wall”.

The fifth wall is theatrical device. A different dimension in toto. Pastors’, Preachers’ and highly gifted entertainers (Comedians) and marketing gurus use this device as means of getting their audience going without removing themselves from the crowd. After all they are part of nature themselves… another Kantian theory about knowledge and human nature comes to mind.

Think marketing. People will universally react to “snakes on a plane” faster than they’ll ever do “reverence”. Why? You need pictorial devices and a lot of talk to explain “reverence” to anyone all over the world than you’ll ever do shouting “snakes on a plane” to a drunk. This is the nature of Tump’s utterances. Whatever he comes up with is sensuous – doesn’t need any support. Whereas Rubio and Cruz need both surface and underneath support to stand.

There are many more to make out of this… But all in all, Trump’s epistemology is best described in the most popular American way “boogie shoe” rather than plain entertainment.
A shoe has many parts and it is made up of many materials. And in a cosmopolitan America, those parts are coming (fully energized) from everywhere. The wearer in this case is non-traditional, so forget about itchy toes, bumps and callouses. No. He is comfortable and will keep up the glitzy part so long as the shoes are still on.

In the most “colloquial sense” Trump is not stupid at all. He as a marketing guru and has figured out Americans of this millennia see things.

Unlike Sharpton and Will Smith, he sees the changing face of America. He realized the world is more connected and more diverse than ever.

So as of today, Chomsky or anyone who tries to criticize him, will come off as being traditional, conservative, predictable and with less candor.

I remember sending him (Trump) a brief about Thomas Moore’s Utopia before he started his campaign last summer. I guessed he’s Trumpified it into UberTopia.

The essence of what he, TRUMP, is saying is, politics is not something to be viewed as something handed to us by tradition, family or lineage.  Politics is all about what in reality is before us.

He is in a way removing what I would call a generally accepted historical perception of politics and the course of history – charted by a certain few, a group within a political entity and now certain families.

He is using “boogie shoe” politics as an entertaining language of the people, for the people, to show off professional politicians.


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