#News: I #stand up with #Israel – #Veterans’talkback #32

Driven by the on going Syrian crisis, the Saudis’, as of today, have started carrying out a ballistic missile test run against targets in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Iran from a tactical base in Al-Sulayyil, Ash-Shamli and Ramiyya, and no one on the U.S. Presidential campaign trail is talking about it. Why? Why are the likes of #Cruz #Trump #Rubi #Carson #JebBush #BernieSanders and #HillaryClinton so afraid of standing up with Israel when it comes to the threat posed by Saudi/Pakistani nukes and the NPT? Why are they afraid to side with Israel on the dangers posed by Saudi guided missile – navigating through eastern Israeli cities, if used as a back-up for an impending Saudi/Turkish ground invasion of Syria?

Other guided ballistic missile bases and tactical mobile electors in and around #Al-Watah #Ar-Riyadh #Al-Hariq #Ramiyyah #Ad-Dawadimi #Ash-Shamli and #Wadi-ad-Dawasir are all prepping ready for missile test runs.


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