#News: #How to protect #Americans from an #EMP #attack – #Veterans’ talkback #30

Points to note Mr. #Obama.

Mr. #President, if I find myself in a position to protect Americans from Electro Magnetic Pulse attack, I will not wait for security experts to find strength, severity of pulse, direction, source and location of an attack, ‘specially if it is most likely to come from North Korea.

As the most qualified Presidential Candidate for this coming election, 2016, my guide against an EMP attack will be to shore up facilities in all cities. After which I will encourage city and urban planners to research and rethink the make up and the layout of cities and small communities all over the United States.

What I’d love to see developed could be summed up as:
– Surge, heat and thermal radiation resistant housing for building, appliances and gadgets.
– New methods of insulation for certain public and private appliances and materials.
– Will encourage a robust study of material technology in schools, local clubs and hobby shops.
– Let the specialists research and develop an aerial vacuum-energy insulation device, a sub-surface micro wave energy sucking device or a thermal energy converter.
– A military equipment overhaul and personnel upgrade is most certainly a must. We are vulnerable and our Intel sucks.

But for now, trailer parks, trailer houses and the group known as “trailer trash” are most protected from EMP attack. Majority of Americans are doomed. And since most people would frown upon living in double wide trailers, then, I see it as imperative to introduce new things like styrofoam and cardboards elements into roofs, buildings, basements and stilt structures.

Also, earthen rods, to different parts of building structures, could be inserted all the way to underground water beds and made to point away from building structures at surface level.

Smart gadgets, fire-pots and SUB cable points are the weakest to to protect. And since it will be too hard to implement a law that will reduce the amount of electronic/computerized chips embedded in fire walls and most operating systems, I’d suggest a specially designed low energy caging system. Or maybe a gel-energy (dissipating or casing) shell.

One thing to consider is that what applies in the South, the Gulf coast states and an Equatorial state like Florida, might not solve the same problem for those in the middle region, and neither will these degree of measures be adequate for those states in the North. Alaska, being in the polar region will require a different set of measures as well.

Same applies to military technology – starting with the THAAD and how we deploy it in and around Asia. The nature of that area is not like the Middle East or the plains of Eastern Europe. No. It calls for a need to develop mobile and independently powered THAAD platforms.

The nature of that terrain also calls for a strong guide against false reflection and clutter. Comprehensive equipment re-design, structural overhaul and form adjustment could be put in place to avoid degrading of missile radar and equipment – as North Koreans are poised to do now.

Join me at ReBuildUSAtoday.


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