#News: #Forget the #Saudis’ Mr. #President – #Veterans’ talkback – #19

The Saudis’ are a useless lot, Mr. Obama.

Look at it this way:

When an ally’s coastline becomes a denied access area to our forces, and the allies can’t seem to want to lift a finger, then something must really really be wrong. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait boasts of billions of dollar communication equipments between them, yet Iran managed to:

– reduce the capability of our comms.

– degrade radar and all line of sight antennas.

– limit satellite upload capability via cueing and stacking.

– probably use foiling or whatever to blind AWACS.
Doing so allowed them to comfortably:

– corner two American patrol boats.

– had enough time at hand – to call for support boats.

– before shepherding ten Marines and all boats onto Farsi Island.

My question is: where were the bloody Saudi allies when this was going on?
Writing on behalf of Veterans’ talkback and on behalf of RebuildUSAtoday and the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America, Sir, I call for an upgrade ( biggest ever since Cold War) I call for a total update of our military capabilities, a change in doctrine, and a huge adjustments with the way we conduct war. It is imperative we learn to properly prevent our adversaries from being able to target particular operating systems in the future.

As for the Iranians, we might as well make them our allies, merge their tactics into our CROP, so we are able to:

– learn and understand their pre-engagement techniques.

– avoid default propagation in all climatic conditions – wet, arid and maritime.

– and for God’s sake, dump the Saudis’ 



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