#Obesity or #Immigrants, Mr. #Trump

I chose obesity.

The most devastating thing to America, it’s economy and it’s security is not illegal immigrants (Asians, Mexicans or others) as we have been led to believe by Trump, Jeb Bush and others…, no. The real problem is obesity. Fatness! A lot of Americans are so obese, they are cracking up sidewalk pavements in cities like New Orleans, New York city, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

What we eat and drink is the biggest threat to the future of Americans. Time to realize that a shift from whole food consumption to processed food, is a bug and a virus all together. It is making people fat.

That why I call for biosecurity – as a way to look into what we eat, drink, wash with and breathe into our body. That’s why I called for water farming – as a way to address green environmental issues and alternatives in shortage prone areas like California.
Obesity is a plague. It is hampering productivity at all levels. Maybe I should put it this way: due to fatness, people are becoming less productive, becoming a problem for others to take care of and thus wrecking havoc on the economy.
This is where I differ from Trump, Bush, Cruz, Hillary, Sanders, Jindal and all others running for President.
Immigrants are not obesse. That is why they are more appealing to employers. And rather than spend billions rounding up immigrants and sending them and their kids back to their home countries, if elected President, I will enact a social engineering that is different from what we have today.
Aim will be to combat American obesity by highlighting certain childhood food/beverage/feeding habits that are not good for the proper upbringing of a child. As a family responsibility at home, it is most imperative. As a teacher or teachers responsibility in schools, it will be set up in a way that will not be seen as a burden to an over extended school/teaching system. And with proper public engagement, it will be a system that will not be seen as intrusive or be use as an example of government overreach.
We have done great things to combat second hand smoking or the inhalation of cadmium poisoning, so combating obesity at government/congress level should not be seen as govt. edging onto the turf of social tolerance professionals.

Sugary drink(s) and genetically modified food(s) should be revisited.


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