views of a Candidate for President, 2016

…or speaking rather on behalf of a Presidential Candidate

Draw a line to anywhere, two hundred miles out in the pacific and it becomes imperative to note the challenges of the future.  If defined by trade, it is humongous.   If outlined by defense and capabilities, it becomes overwhelming.  Defined by size and resources, it is bigger, more capable, culturally richer, challenging and more adaptive than anything we’ve ever seen.  

But let’s not forget, we share the same border.  We are linked directly by land, nature and similar territorial traits – except one advantage – our modern precedence and young merit as a nation.

Like the days of the English Yeoman under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, ours is a multi-faceted system where the bold, the best and the capable thrive – regardless of race, color and background.  Ours is a system where the middle class prosper and those in the mercantile crowd are rewarded for their audacity, bravery,,creativity and the love of God and Country

II – Defense and Border Security

We are still a young, promising and developing country.  And we only have our fore fathers (the first settlers) to look up to.  So, in the manner of these bold Pilgrims, I implore all Americans today to please join me….take a few steps back to the days before the world wars….go back to constructive American basics – all hands on the deck, as our strength becomes our diversity.

My type of President will be one to define a strategy for the Pacific, the Pacific Americas and the Northwest passage.  Why not do something uniquely American?  Make territory, trade, defense, education and border security a top priority and start to RebuildUSA around these objectives.

I will not only secure our borders, our territories and our gains as a nation, I will create a special budget to meet the ever changing needs of our special forces operators, our border guards and the custom and excise department.  And if I have to micro manage our security and all security elements to make sure lives of our men, women and children are safe and secure, I will.  

I will propose an immediate and an unconditional exit from NATO.  I will create an alternative.  My choice, GRAPT (Grand Pacific Treaty) will be for one with best of American territorial interest and defense of trade and military assets in mind.  With the inclusion of capable and immediate allies like the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, I will set up GRAPT (Grand Pacific Treaty)   Countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina are welcomed to join.  Unlike NATO, GRAPT will not only protect American territorial interests, it will robustly give cover to trade routes and all military assets from within and beyond.

The old Britannia might not be ruling the waves anymore, but with respect to our Cousins’ let’s not forget, the Northwest passage is a shorter and faster route to Asia, Alaska and Russia and the Arctic and who best know these routes than the British and their Arctic outpost all over Canada.

III – Education

In the face of India/Asia/Russia challenge, our education system in not too far from what it was in the days of slavery.  Social expectation of that time was at the level of being able to write your name, sign and maybe read a few lines.  Now the demands of our immediate future is more than being able to use your phone or browse the Internet.  Americans (young and old) need to be adequately equipped and educated more prepared than they are as at now.  

IV – Family

Couple of decades ago, one member of her family could work and provide for the rest of his family – to have a good home, a TV, a refrigerator, a radio, a car, an insurance coverage, a vacation and even college education for his/her kids.  Now that is no more.  It is even so bad, women or let’s say the woman of the house now have to work more – just to pay for her own healthcare talk less of the working child in the family.

That the middle class is not too far from being a farce – if left to a few pleasure kids.  And due to old ways of thinking, they obviously will never perform like Dad or Mum.  But I will lead and create a system that provides for all, will continue to uphold an American legacy – that all, regardless of race, background or blood line is given access and allowed to come through. 

Ours is not a system based solely on legacy and means.

V – Women

VI – Immigration

VII – Religion

VIII – Farming

IX – Industry

X – Small Business

XI – Tax

XII – Technology

XIII – Marriage

XIV – Minimum Wage

To be continued…


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